Raymond Andrews has a strong background in organizational policy and IT Technical Support.

Ray´s current task include the creation of the web-portal and uploading content, and IT modules.

John Muir Alternative / Putney Preparatory

1983-1986, Ray learned LOGO which was a computer application on Apple IIe computers. Ray was a ABC (A Better Chance), candidate at Putney Prep from 1984-1986. During these years, the school produced computer luminaries such as; Ben Jones “Creative Director Google”, and “Linkedin” Founder Reid Hoffman.

University North Carolina Chapel Hill

Ray only lasted two years at UNC Chapel Hill because of his party ways, but he did finish course in Economics. By age 18, Ray had programming knowledge of these computer languages:
LOGO, Fortran, LISP, Merlin, COBOLD, and DOS “basic computer machine language”.

Laney College – California College

Raymond studied at Laney College for his Associate degree in the fields of Computer Science, and business Management which Ray admits was his most influential course ever in school.

Computer Learning Center (CLC)

Ray studied Computer Science at CLC San Francisco from 1990-1992. Ray has a knowledge of these computer programming languages: LOGO, COBOLD, Fortran, FORTRAN, Transforth, LISP, Merlin, and basic computer machine language.





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